Four months after 0.44, a new release of Social Networks Visualiser is ready. Version 0.45 fixes a thousand (short of…) bugs, and adds new features, such as initial support for GraphML, four new node shapes and new widgets for network rotation and zooming. My plan is to have GraphML as the default format. At the moment, only loading is supported, though 🙁

Version 0.45 brings a more polished GUI with new icons and a new layout for the left dock.

SocNetV 0.45 screenshot

Also, I finally managed to update the documentation and make it look nice. You can take yourself a look at

The same documentation is available both online and locally, when running SocNetV. HtmlViewer class renders the manual with the help of QtWebKit, so the latter is a new dependancy. In openSUSE you need libQtWebKit-devel whereas in Debian the package is libqt4-webkit.

Finally, Serafeim Zanikolas made a package of SocNetV 0.44 for Debian Experimental and made a couple of bug reports/fixes. Most of them have been fixed in version 0.45.

I plan to stick with version 0.45 for a while, waiting for Qt 4.5. If the developers are right (they talk about speed-ups of up to 40 times faster), QGraphicsView will be much impoved in Qt 4.5.
SocNetV needs that.