Here you can find some coding projects. Some of them are very old code, some are new.


  • CMYK3: A clever puzzle/tile game written in HTML5/JQuery. Uses mouse clicks, keyboard arrows or swipe/tap  events on the mobile screen for controlling and adding tiles. The objective is simple: Align three same-coloured tiles to score a point. But the real challenge is this: Can you score more than 100 points? The game features 35 levels and 3 different play modes (Code, 2015).



Bash/Shell scripting

Tcl/Tk scripts

Pascal functional programming


  • 20 Basic Algorithms of Numerical Analysis: Monte Carlo integration, uniform random deviates, Runge-Kutta with Bisection, Runge Kutta with Finite-Differences Newton-Raphson, Wilkinson deflation, Broyden-Charles and others.(Source Code, 2002).

Fortran 77

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