Here you can find some coding projects. Some of them are very old, some are new. For more, check out my Github repos.


  • Cordella: The first online wedding registry in Greece. Developed from scratch in React/Next. The app uses SSR, thanks to the wonderful Next.js, and is lightning fast. Has some nice features for the couples like customised registry page, ability to add crowdfunded items and virtual “piggy banks” in their wedding wishlist, and offers easy registry/gift management in the background (Code & full-stack dev 2021).
  • CMYK3: A clever puzzle/tile game written in HTML5/JQuery. Uses mouse clicks, keyboard arrows or swipe/tap  events on the mobile screen for controlling and adding tiles. The objective is simple: Align three same-coloured tiles to score a point. But the real challenge is this: Can you score more than 100 points? The game features 35 levels and 3 different play modes (Code, 2015).



Bash/Shell scripting

Tcl/Tk scripts

Pascal functional programming


  • 20 Basic Algorithms of Numerical Analysis: Monte Carlo integration, uniform random deviates, Runge-Kutta with Bisection, Runge Kutta with Finite-Differences Newton-Raphson, Wilkinson deflation, Broyden-Charles and others.(Source Code, 2002).

Fortran 77