Here are some older papers and presentations for everyone interested in educational and pedagogical matters.

Computer as a learning tool, Discussion/synopsis on a chapter from the book “Mathematical Education and Educational Software” by Prof. Maria Kordaki, (2002, in Greek)
Mathematical Education and Educational Software – Presentation, (2002, in Greek)

Hypermedia in Education, Essay on the pros and cons of using hypermedia in education. Technical, critical and pedagogical review (2002, in Greek)

An educational marketplace, Critical presentation on the idea of building an “educational marketplace” with IT (2002, in Greek).

Educational Software Design, Tools and Quality Control , Presentation, (2002, in Greek)

Software Engineering, Rather long presentation based on three chapters of I.Sommerville’s book (2002, in Greek)

Audio in Multimedia , Short essay on the use of audio in multimedia applications (2002, in Greek)

Sketch of a educational software, Simple sketch for a software calculating the area of a circle (2002, in Greek)

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