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SocNetV v2.5 has been released!

The Social Network Visualizer project happily released today a brand new version of our favorite social network analysis and visualization tool. SocNetV version 2.5, codenamed “maniac”, brings new features and improvements (i.e. custom node icons) and it is as usually available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Go to the project’s Downloads page and get it!


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  1. Hi,

    v2.5 for Windows throws up a severe malware warning. Please look into this?


  2. Hello Sanjana, what kind of warning do you see? When do you see it? When installing the application or when you start it? Please note that the Windows executable of SocNetV is automatically created in an appveyor VM and it is therefore safe to use. Perhaps this is a false alert by some antivirus you also have in your Windows? Can you please send me a screenshot to investigate?

  3. Thomas

    Hello Dimitri,

    thank you for this fine and versatile software. Version 2.5 even enhances the extraordinary usability of its predecessors. So you come very close to the ideal that a software ought to be a tool the handling of which does not add too much complexity detracting from the analysis proper as other SNA softwares usually do. No small achievement!

    One question though. The font size of the scroll-down menu entries is quite small on my laptop with resolution 1920 x 1080 and Win10 installed. Is there a way to resize and adapt the entries in the settings?


  4. Hello Thomas,
    I am very glad you like SocNetV!
    As for your question, there is no option to control font-size in drop-down menus.
    But we should fix this in the next release. Can you please send me a screenshot to see the problem?


  5. Thomas

    Hello Dimitri,

    thank you very much. I just sent a screenshot with some other suggestions to your email address.


  6. Rene Dorleijn

    Hello Dimitris,

    Thank you very much for your Social Network Visualizer 2.5. It’s an amazing application. I wonder whether it wil be possible to customize the font size of the menus in the near future. In a windows 10 environment they are almost unreadable.

    Thanks for your reaction.

  7. Thanks for using SocNetV. We will make sure to have an option to change font-size in the next version. Until then you can go to the application Settings and disable the custom SocNetV style.
    Does that solve the issue for you (until the next version of course)?

  8. Rene Dorleijn

    This certainly solves the problem!
    Thanks Dimitris. All the menu texts can be read now.

    Regards, Rene

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