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Great videos – Iron Maiden Live 1981

This awesomely remastered video of Iron Maiden performing live in Germany from early 1981 is just amazing. Shows the roots of the band and justifies Paul Di’Anno saying it was a metal punk band. And most songs sound even better than the studio versions. A truly brilliant performance of four gifted musicians and a great singer. Clive Burr on drums just rocks. Just listen his take on Phantom of the Opera.

The original line-up:

Steve Harris
Paul Di’Anno
Dave Murray
Adrian Smith
Clive Bur (RIP)

Enjoy, you won’t find such great quality video from the early days of Iron Maiden. Their music is crystal clear thanks to great sound mixing. Kudos to the German TV show ‘Beat-Club” that recorded this gem at the time. This is metal history:


00:00 The Ides of March
02:10 Prowler
05:56 Charlotte the Harlot
10:40 Wrathchild
13:37 Remember Tomorrow
15:15 (mic fails, Di’Anno takes a break)
18:06 Remember Tomorrow (cont.)
23:26 Transylvania
27:34 Running Free
31:05 Innocent Exile
35:13 Sanctuary
39:20 Killers
44:39 Another Life
48:14 Phantom of the Opera
55:28 Iron Maiden
59:37 Sanctuary

“Tears for remembrance, and tears for joy
Tears for somebody and this lonely boy
Out in the madness comes the all seeing eye
Magget flickers above us, to light up the sky”

Up the irons!


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  1. gerardo

    great years for the true metal!

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