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Corkboard theme!

Eleni’s pet project (and vehicle to experiment with social cooking), www.supersyntages.gr, has got a new theme. The new graphical theme, designed and implemented by yours truly, plays with the notion of recipe notes pinned on a corkboard. The frontpage ‘carousel’ is still the old one, but it somehow fitted nice.  I am not a designer but I think it turned out to be a nice idea. Check it out!

New corkboard theme [notice the bottom social toolbar]


I’ve got Linux in my pocket too!


Για τους κηπουρούς


  1. provetza

    very nice!

  2. Thanks m8t 🙂

  3. ρολόγια

    ωραίο το drupal theme

  4. JLockett

    This theme is great! Are you planning to make it available for download anywhere? It would fit almost perfectly with a project another Montessori teacher and I are thinking about….

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