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Month: May 2010

free space is important!

That is the lesson I have learned today.

Despite my eagerness to update my N900 to Maemo 5 v10.2010, the software update tool kept giving me the following cryptic message:

not enough memory in target location

Wtf? The message was a surprise for me, since I thought the 32GB of my N900 would be more than enough for an 113.1MB update. But…Rootfs partition in n900 amounts only to 227MB, which apparently was nearly consumed by all the silly tools I have installed recently (mc, gnu-tar, openssh, lighttpd (yep, I run a web server on my mobile phone!), numpty-physics, bouncy, scummvm etc), along with ovi maps, micro-blogging app, etc.

After a while searching the Internet, I ended up in the maemo.org excellent wiki which of course was giving some usual-space-saving linux tips:

apt-get clean
apt-get autoremove

along with some more unusual (to me!) ‘opt-ifications’.

What’s that? The maemo slang for “move whatever can be moved from /usr to /home/opt”. For instance, you can easily mv nokia-maps from /usr/share to /home/opt and then ln -s back to where it was, so that the relevant application could run. Using this technique I managed to free almost 60MB in rootfs.

Now the update is underway and I am eager to see what’s new.


Για τους κηπουρούς

Αν αγαπάτε τα φυτά (και όχι τα “φυτά”), και δεν το ξέρετε ήδη, στην Κηφισιά γίνεται κάθε χρόνο τέτοιο καιρό μια μεγάλη έκθεση λουλουδιών. Θα τελειώσει νομίζω την άλλη Κυριακή. Ακόμα κι αν δεν είστε της κηπουρικής, είναι χάρμα να πάτε μια βόλτα είτε το απόγευμα μετά τη δουλειά είτε το Σαββάτο. Εμείς πήγαμε χτες και πήραμε τα λουλουδάκια μας: ένα νυχτολούλουδο και ένα φιλάδελφο (philadelfus coronarius) με λευκά άνθη. Πάρτε γεύση:

Corkboard theme!

Eleni’s pet project (and vehicle to experiment with social cooking), www.supersyntages.gr, has got a new theme. The new graphical theme, designed and implemented by yours truly, plays with the notion of recipe notes pinned on a corkboard. The frontpage ‘carousel’ is still the old one, but it somehow fitted nice.  I am not a designer but I think it turned out to be a nice idea. Check it out!

New corkboard theme [notice the bottom social toolbar]

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