I started this SocNetV thing as a learning exercise: to deepen my knowledge of Qt/C++, to familiarize myself with tools like svn, mercurial, etc, and, above all, to build something that I needed back then in my Linux box (was it Mandriva 2005?): a simple application to help me draw social graphs and compute some statistics (centralities) about them. After three years of development, Social Networks Visualiser is nowhere near complete, but it is quite usable and it’s getting better (I think).

Today, a friend called me to comment on the “review”… I was, “what review?”…Well, it seems that somehow, Mihai Mircea, the Softpedia Linux Editor was convinced that SocNetV deserves a review on Softpedia. So, there it is: we got 3 stars out of 5. Not bad — actually it was more positive than I would expect. Anyway, thanks for the review and the thoughtful comments, Mihai.