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melux: a custom ubuntu iso creation script!

When I was working for the Greek Linux Format, I was making special editions of Ubuntu for the magazine’s DVD. Those were the same distro of course, but with a lot more packages preinstalled. For that purpose, I had written all the useful info and relevant commands inside a text file. Of course, that wasn’t highly efficient, since I had to manually run through (read: copy/paste) all the commands again and again for every new custom Ubuntu image. So, I was always thinking that I should assemble and automate all those commands in a nice Bash script, but I never really tried it. This week, I finally decided to build that script and share it with everyone. So, I hereby give you Melux 1.0 (see full code below).

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Samba_Τκ: Tcl/tk script for remote samba shares mounting

Here’s a little Tcl/Tk script I wrote sometime ago when I was messing with the Tcl/tk cookbook. It presents a simple dialog (in Greek) where the user enters the remote server’s IP and shared folder, the local folder (where the share folder should be mounted), as well as samba server credentials, i.e. username and password. It has pretty basic (read “zero”…) exception handling and pretty naive logic: you have to make sure that the remote and local folder exist, and that you have smbmount installed. Warning: I haven’t really test it recently. Nevertheless, it is somewhat documented and could be useful to some with a little effort. Just save it (i.e. samba_mount_tk.tcl), make executable (chmod +x samba_mount_tk.tcl), then run it (./samba_mount_tk.tcl)…

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