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How-to configure file sharing in KDE4/Samba

Simple. At least in Debian, Kubuntu and other Debian-derivatives. Install Samba server and the appropriate KDE4 module as root:

# apt-get install samba kdenetwork-filesharing

The kdenetwork-filesharing package installs a nice System Settings panel to configure network file-sharing using NFS and Samba. It also adds (the initially missing) functionality in the Properties > Share tab of each file and folder in Dolphin.

So, install the above packages, then open Dolphin, select a folder, right-click on it and select Properties then go to Share tab. Click on Configure File Sharing button and a new dialog appears. Let the “Simple Sharing” option intact and click on the Add button. A new dialog appears where you select and add the desired folder. Click OK twice. You are done.

Samba_Τκ: Tcl/tk script for remote samba shares mounting

Here’s a little Tcl/Tk script I wrote sometime ago when I was messing with the Tcl/tk cookbook. It presents a simple dialog (in Greek) where the user enters the remote server’s IP and shared folder, the local folder (where the share folder should be mounted), as well as samba server credentials, i.e. username and password. It has pretty basic (read “zero”…) exception handling and pretty naive logic: you have to make sure that the remote and local folder exist, and that you have smbmount installed. Warning: I haven’t really test it recently. Nevertheless, it is somewhat documented and could be useful to some with a little effort. Just save it (i.e. samba_mount_tk.tcl), make executable (chmod +x samba_mount_tk.tcl), then run it (./samba_mount_tk.tcl)…

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