The goal of this project was to create a class (named lifo) of Last-In-First-Out Lists (Stacks) of integers with variable length. The class actually defines a new Data Type, named lifo. Each variable of this type will be a LIFO List. Of course, the class must have defined some operations (member-functions) for handling the lists, ie PUSH an integer to a stack, POP an integer from the stack, PRINT a list, COPY one list to another, COMPARE two lists, CONCATENATE two lists, SEARCH a list for an element etc.
The program is quite simple. It creates an “array” a of 100 elements of type lifo. Thus, it creates 100 LIFO lists and displayes a simple menu as user interface with the above actions.

It was written in Borland C++ v.5 but I think you can compile and run it in any compiler due of its simplicity. It only requires the iostream.h for cout and cin.

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