Crayon Physics is a fascinating 2D physics sandbox/game, which came to my attention today when I was reading  Sarinee Achavanuntakul’s blog entry about the sad HotU (Home of the Underdogs) demise and, more than welcomed, revival.  Sarinee mentioned Crayon Physics Deluxe in her blog post, and I checked it out. What I saw in the flash video was jaw-dropping. Crayon Physics  is not just an indie game, but imho a great educational tool in which you really get to experience “what it would be like if your drawings would be magically transformed into real physical objects”. I wonder, is there an open-source counterpart for creative use of physics?

See the video (2.50min, Vimeo):

Crayon Physics Deluxe from Petri Purho on Vimeo.

Update: There is a wonderful open-source alternative, called Numpty Physics, with lots of different levels. Thanks Mike, for pointing to it.


Also, nuclear mentioned a physics engine, called chipmunk. Check it out.