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Finally, a release.

Yep. Or should I say, phew! 🙂 After a whole week battling 8 hours the day with Bash script errors, package dependencies (to minimize the ISO size), PDFs, etc, and wasting any single moment of my vacation time, I managed to release Sxolinux 2009.1.

I know, it’s kind of hilarious: we call it 2009.1 just 4 days before the end of this year! But I couldn’t make it faster. Why? Because, for this release we prepared two flavors: the original High School version and a Junior one for Elementary school kids. They have different icon sets, different applications, and different ebooks (PDFs). That really doubled the time needed to test and build. Nevertheless, it was really fun. I hope the end products will be OK as well 🙂

So, download, and let your kids have fun! I am getting back to SocNetV, at last. 🙂

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Πρώτη beta για το Σχολινουξ 2009.1


SocNetV – 80% completed


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    Way too go man! Have a good 2010!

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    Congratulations! Keep it up!

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    I installed 2009.0 into 3 PC’s. Gave 2 CD’s to friends. A great “thanks” from the edu-gr community!!

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    Great work Dimitris… Hope this year Sxolinux will be embraced by the Government and we can enjoy it in our schools…

  5. dimitris

    Thanks, Cortex – although I really don’t like governmental embraces 🙂

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    Άσχετο με το θέμα αλλά δεν ξέρω πως αλλιώς να επικοινωνήσω μαζί σου. Πώς γραφόμαστε στο apeiro.gr?

  7. dimitris

    Αν εννοείς στο κυρίως site, η εγγραφή εκεί δεν είναι ελεύθερη. Προς το παρόν, αναπτύσσω το υλικό του site για προσωπική χρήση. Ενα μέρος του το έχω δημόσιο για να παίρνει ο επισκέπτης μια «γεύση».

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